Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are, allegedly, under fire over their guns.

New Idea published the misleading headline about the A-listers, saying that the judge has asked Pitt and Jolie to file details of every weapon they’ve ever owned and currently possess.

A source told the tabloid that California is an anti-gun state so it’s a nightmare for Pitt and Jolie to be asked to file details of their weapons. But they would have to account for each one of them and also mention which of their kids know about their weapons.

The source then clarified that Pitt and Jolie are both responsible gun owners. And they have also trained their kids in such a way that they won’t fear the sight of guns. They have also attended gun safety courses and have been to shooting ranges.

But regardless of how comfortable Pitt, Jolie, and their kids are around guns, the A-listers still need to do their part in listing all the details of their weapons.

The source said that doing this would require much work. And this could also delay the exes’ ongoing custody battle.

Four years ago, reality TV show star Jesse James revealed that he customized matching Cisco 911 firearms for Pitt and Jolie. He said that the weapons were government size. And they’re all hand fit from all oversize parts, which makes them accurate as shooting pistols.

But even though it has been confirmed that Pitt and Jolie owned customized guns years ago, it is unclear if they still have the guns now. No one also knows for sure how many weapons they have.

As such, it is best to take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

New Idea’s headline is misleading once again. After all, they claimed that Pitt and Jolie are under fire over their guns. However, there was no mention that the A-listers are being criticized for being pro-guns.

Rather, the tabloid simply said that they need to file the details of each of their weapons. And doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re coming under fire for owning them.

Even the tabloid said that Pitt and Jolie are responsible gun owners. As such, there’s no reason for them to come under fire for owning guns.

New Idea has been publishing misleading stories about Brangelina for months. They recently claimed that Pitt dragged his ex-wife to jail. However, the article was about Pitt potentially sending Jolie to jail if she shouts at him and mistreats him in public.