Brad Pitt has, reportedly, made his custody demands clear before coming face to face with Angelina Jolie in court.

According to The Sun, Pitt is demanding 50/50 custody of his five minor children. And he also wants to have visitation dates and overnight stays that are set in stone.

A source told the publication that Pitt and Jolie both hired the most expensive attorneys to help with their case. But they have yet to resolve their issues with each other.

Before Jolie requested the judge to be removed from the custody case, Us Weekly revealed that her relationship with Pitt has improved. A source told the magazine last summer that Jolie and Pitt are more cordial than ever.

Shortly after, Pitt was photographed visiting his kids at Jolie’s house twice in a row. However, the peaceful relationship between Jolie and Pitt didn’t last very long.

The Ad Astra star accused Jolie of dragging their custody case after requesting the judge to be removed. And according to Hollywood Life, the actress just dropped her lawyer and is searching for a new replacement.

Another source said that Pitt thinks Jolie has gone too far. And there’s still some animosity between the A-listers. The insider also said that any hope for a reconciliation between the two is currently non-existent.

A fourth source told Life & Style, that Pitt also thinks that Jolie is being unreasonable with her requests And the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star also thinks that Jolie is just trying to drive a barrier between him and his kids.

Earlier this week, Star also claimed that Jolie is doing everything to make sure that her kids won’t celebrate the holidays with Pitt.

A source said that Pitt wants to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with his kids. But Jolie also wants to celebrate the two important occasions with them.

The insider said that Pitt accused Jolie of throwing a wrench in the wheel anytime he tries to reach out to their kids. As such, even though he didn’t want to face her in court, he had no other choice but to push through with the custody battle.

However, not all the claims made by the tabloid are true. After all, no one really knows what Pitt and Jolie are going through in their divorce case because they will have a private hearing. And the only accurate information about the case comes from their lawyers.