Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper were first linked to each other last summer.

The Alias co-stars were photographed hanging out at the beach with the actor’s 3-year-old daughter.

Immediately after, the tabloids started concocting stories about Garner and Cooper by saying that the good friends went on a loved-up getaway.

According to Woman’s Day, the beach was crowded during Garner and Cooper’s visit. But it was evident that the A-listers only had eyes for each other.

The source also said that Garner and Cooper have some serious chemistry when they teamed up in Alias. But back then, they were in a relationship with their respective partners. But now that they’re both single, the insider said that it’s great to know that Garner and Cooper are hooking up again.

Weeks later, WHO called Garner and Cooper a perfect match even though they also quoted a source that told Us Weekly that the A-listers are just good friends.

The insider said that Garner and Cooper are so close to the point that they rely on each other for comfort and support. They’ve always had each other’s backs as well.

However, this still didn’t stop the tabloids from linking Garner and Cooper to each other. Last month, Life & Style claimed that Ben Affleck gave Garner and Cooper his blessing to date.

The Batman v Superman star, who is also close to Cooper, allegedly, believes that the couple deserves to be happy. And since Garner has also been very supportive of his relationship with Ana de Armas, Affleck, allegedly, felt that it was just right for him to support his ex-wife’s new relationship.

Star also claimed that Cooper thinks Garner could be the one. And he, allegedly, told Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt about how he really feels for Garner.

Weeks later, Woman’s Day claimed that Cooper is already planning to propose to Garner. But when he talked about marriage with the actress, the Peppermint star just laughed.

Gossip Cop debunked some of the tabloids’ claims recently by stressing a simple point: Cooper and Garner are just friends. As such, the tabloids’ narratives about the A-listers going on dates, talking about marriage, proposing, professing their love for each other, and getting Affleck’s support are all made-up.

Garner recently got out of her two-year relationship with John Miller. Cooper, on the other hand, split from Irina Shayk a few months ago. They share a 3-year-old daughter named Lea.