Prince Harry allegedly took two DNA tests last year to determine if Archie is really his biological son.

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According to Globe, the tests revealed two different results. The first DNA test revealed that Prince Harry isn’t Archie’s biological father.

“In the days leading up to Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, giving birth, the couple was stunned to learn a DNA test using amniotic fluid, routinely performed on royal babies, revealed the redhead is NOT the child’s daddy,” a source said.

The insider claimed that Prince Harry refused to accept the result of the test and was devastated. The Duke of Sussex allegedly turned ghastly white and Markle burst into tears in shock.

An angry Prince Harry allegedly called the first DNA test a scam. He also accused those who administered the test of concocting a conspiracy against him and his child.

The Duke of Sussex doesn’t want Archie to go through the same struggles that he went through all his life. For years, there have been rumors suggesting that Prince Charles isn’t Prince Harry’s father.

In order to appease his mind, Prince Harry took a second DNA test. After getting the results, he learned that Markle’s unborn child is really his. However, the members of the royal family aren’t convinced that Markle’s child is also Prince Harry’s son.

At that time, Gossip Cop debunked the claims made by the tabloid. The publication called the story fictitious. They also said that it is unlikely for Prince Harry not to be Archie’s father.

One year passed and the publication revisited the story about Archie’s paternity. Gossip Cop revealed that Markle has been accused of flirting with other men that’s why there are dubious claims that Prince Harry isn’t the one who got her pregnant.

But a recent video of Archie proves that this isn’t the case. Archie looks more like Prince Harry than his mom.

The rumors about Prince Harry not being Prince Charles’ biological son aren’t true either. However, some royal fans are convinced that Prince Harry is the son of Princess Diana’s lover, James Hewitt because of the color of their hair.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana aren’t redheads but Hewitt is. However, more reliable royal experts revealed that some members of Princess Diana’s family are redheads.

Hewitt has also denied the conspiracy theory about his being Prince Harry’s father. He said that this isn’t the case because Prince Harry was already born when he met Princess Diana.