Prince Charles is allegedly ready to help ease Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s money woes by buying the royal couple a lavish home in Los Angeles.

Last week, reports swirled that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been staying at Tyler Perry’s home in Beverly Hills. The royal couple isn’t paying rent on the property, and they are considered as Perry’s houseguests.

However, Prince Harry and Markle were criticized on Twitter for being leeches. And some royal fans think that Prince Charles would help his son have his own home so that he and his wife will no longer have to live elsewhere.

“They really are a pair of leeches. Scrounging from one freebie to the next. Harry not providing for his family is shameful. These two actually make me feel [gross],” Twitter user @superscuba83 said.

“Maybe Harry has more fundamental issues than depression? Is that why Charles supports him with all these paychecks?” Twitter user @Nancy_LBE said.

Another Twitter user claimed that Prince Charles is supporting the Sussexes financially because he’s still guilty over his past infidelities to Princess Diana.

“Charles is a [expletive] who, out of guilt for [expletive] around on Diana throughout the whole marriage, ultimately leading to divorce, feels guilty for her death and this is his amends. I don’t believe Harry has been told no. Nor Meghan,” Twitter user @w_noblese said.

However, it is important to note that the comments made by the royal fans and critics are merely based on their opinion. Prince Charles has never said anything about helping Prince Harry and Markle because of his guilt.

But it is true that he is helping the royal couple with some of their expenses until they get back on track. According to BBC, Prince Harry and Markle were getting 95 percent of their money from Prince Charles’ income from the Duchy of Cornwall while they were still working royals.

Following their bombshell exit in January, reports revealed that Prince Harry and Markle will continue to receive money from Prince Charles under the new agreement. However, it is unclear if this will still come from the Duchy of Cornwall or his personal wealth.

Prince Harry and Markle are no longer receiving money from the taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant, which made up 5 percent of their previous income. The decision came after the royal couple said that they want to be financially independent of the royal family.