Meghan Markle is worth millions even before becoming an official member of the British Royal Family. She has a career in Hollywood, although she stopped acting in 2017 to become a full-time royal in the United Kingdom.

As of 2022, the Duchess of Sussex is worth $60 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It pointed out, however, that this is already a combined figure that includes her husband, Prince Harry’s wealth.

Before marrying the Duke of Sussex, it is claimed that she had a separate net worth of $5 million. She amassed her own wealth through various income streams, including series projects, film appearances, and brand endorsements.

Meghan Markle made her television debut in “Married… with Children” in 1995. She then went on to make more appearances, playing minor roles in the years that followed, especially in the early 2000s.

In 2006, the then-25-year-old personality started modeling and even became a “briefcase girl” on the popular television game show, “Deal or No Deal.” She reportedly had the role for 34 episodes in less than a year.

The Duchess of Sussex started to become apparent in films and movies from 2010. She had minor and supporting roles in a few materials, including “Get Him To The Greek,” “Remember Me,” and “Horrible Bosses.”

Reports said that Meghan Markle’s big break did not come until 2011 when she joined the cast of “Suits.” She played the role of Rachel Zane, making her a series regular from the pilot to the seventh season.

Based on the reported estimations, the then-actress earned about $50,000 per episode of the legal drama series. At the time, it was said that her annual salary was around $450,000, which already included sponsorships and endorsement deals.

Amid her career in Hollywood, the Duchess of Sussex also earned tens of thousands of dollars from her lifestyle website and blogThe Tig. It has since been shut down, though, especially after becoming a full-time working royal.

At its peak, the platform reportedly generated $80,000 per year through endorsements, advertisements, and sponsorships. It makes total sense considering its large following from various social media sites.

Meghan Markle became an official working royal for the British Monarchy when she married Prince Harry in 2018. The royal pair went on various tours and engagements and did projects, as well as campaigns.

She and the royal-born Prince stepped down from their positions, though, earlier in 2020. They have since relocated to the United States and lived a “financially independent” life, doing partnerships and closing deals with the likes of Netflix and Spotify.