Blaze Bayley, the former vocalist for Iron Maiden, has successfully undergone triple heart bypass surgery following a heart attack. The singer's managers, Mark and Christopher Appleton, confirmed the news on the Official Blaze Bayley Facebook page, stating that the procedure was the "first major step" in Bayley's treatment and recovery.

Bayley's 2023 Unstoppable Tour was postponed after the heart attack, and he had been awaiting surgery since his hospitalization on March 25. The Appletons had previously announced on Instagram that Bayley required a "triple - and possibly quadruple - heart bypass surgery." The singer was recently transferred to an operating theatre for the triple bypass procedure.

In a statement on the Facebook page, the Appletons expressed their appreciation for the outpouring of support: "Blaze is an absolute Warrior & I know you will all join us in sending him your love, support & energy towards a successful operation & a very positive recovery to good health afterwards," adding, "Thank you everyone. You know how much your support means."

Eight hours after the initial announcement, the Appletons provided an update confirming the successful completion of Bayley's triple bypass surgery. They also revealed that he would undergo a quadruple bypass at a later date, although the exact schedule is not yet known.

The Cleveland Clinic explains that the purpose of bypass surgery is to reroute blood flow around blocked arteries, with a triple bypass addressing three blockages and a quadruple bypass targeting four. Bayley's next surgery will focus on restoring blood flow to his heart through the four blocked arteries.

Fans of the former Iron Maiden singer have rallied around him since news of his health scare broke. The Appletons set up to support Bayley's medical expenses, but many fans have instead inquired about how to make donations rather than purchasing merchandise. Despite Bayley's preference for fans to buy goods, his management has provided an official PayPal channel for those wishing to contribute.

Blaze Bayley served as Iron Maiden's lead vocalist from 1994 to 1999, temporarily replacing Bruce Dickinson during his hiatus from the band. After departing Iron Maiden, Bayley formed the Blaze Bayley Band, which he later disbanded due to financial and health issues.