Julio Cachila
Temu Lawsuits Allege App Accesses 'Everything' on User Phones

Temu Lawsuits Allege App Accesses 'Everything' on User Phones

Chinese-owned discount shopping platform Temu faces a mounting wave of class action lawsuits claiming the app secretly harvests excessive user data and poses security risks. Plaintiffs from multiple U.S. states allege that Temu intentionally loads its app with malware and spyware, giving the company potential access to "literally everything" on their phones.
Taylor Swift

Fan's Use of Shazam at Taylor Swift Concert Sparks Online Debate

During a recent Taylor Swift concert in Sydney, Australia, an audience member's decision to use the Shazam app to identify a song sparked a flurry of online reactions. The woman, described as middle-aged, was seen holding up her phone to identify Swift's performance of "Champagne Problems," leading to a viral moment that divided fans.
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