Trump briefly admits election defeat, clings to flailing legal strategy

Trump Media Shares Plunge as Legal and Operational Challenges Mount

Trump Media & Technology Group, which operates the social media platform Truth Social, witnessed a significant decline in its market valuation, with shares plummeting nearly 20% over the past week. The company, which debuted on the Nasdaq under the ticker DJT, closed the week at $32.59 per share, a stark contrast to its opening price of nearly $80 just a few weeks prior.
Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg Counters Musk's Claims on Billionaire Brawl Details

In a surprising turn of events, Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta boss, has come forward to counter Elon Musk's recent claims regarding the details of their much-anticipated fight. While Musk took to social media earlier to announce certain specifics of the future billionaire brawl, Zuckerberg has now refuted these claims, emphasizing that no final decisions have been made.
Overcoming Writer's Block in College

Overcoming Writer's Block in College

In a college student's complex, multi-dimensional life, a common obstacle frequently presents as writer's block. This phenomenon, which appears as an inability to produce new content or a severe creative slowdown, can become a significant hurdle to academic success. However, writer's block can be overcome just like any other obstacle.
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