The software magnate Bill Gates finds himself ensnared in a fresh scandalous controversy. Job applicants at his venture capital firm, Gates Ventures, allege that they were subjected to an intrusive line of questioning during their interviews, reportedly managed by Concentric Advisors, a security firm. This invasive grilling, they claim, delved into personal and intimate details such as their pornographic consumption, existence of nude photographs on their mobile devices, and even any history of exotic dancing.

The hiring process, orchestrated in Seattle, reportedly involved intimidating the applicants with the information that a former CIA officer would scrutinize their sexual past and personal details. Concentric Advisors maintains that the aim of this rigorous line of questioning was to ascertain the vulnerability of an applicant to potential blackmail threats, not a violation of federal laws prohibiting employers from inquiring about candidates' gender, race, or religious beliefs.

These allegations emerge following a recent report suggesting that Gates himself was a blackmail target of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein over his relationship with an attractive Russian bridge player in 2010. Gates' ex-wife, Melinda, severed her 27-year long marriage with the Microsoft founder in early 2021, following revelations about his inappropriate relationship with Epstein and accusations of sexual harassment towards a Microsoft employee in 2000. Gates has since admitted to engaging in an extramarital affair approximately two decades ago.

Given Gates' history, it comes as little surprise to some that Gates Ventures would dig deep into its candidates' personal backgrounds. One law enforcement insider notes, "I don’t think it’s a coincidence Epstein is said to have blackmailed Bill and then job candidates at one of Bill’s companies are subjected to a host of incredibly invasive sexual questions to ensure they don’t make for easy prey for a blackmailer."

The insider further asserts that these measures were implemented primarily to safeguard Gates and keep any secrets gleaned from the job confined to the company.

Despite these claims, a Gates Ventures spokesperson denies any knowledge of such practices, stating that neither the firm — which manages a part of Gates' staggering $118 billion wealth — nor any vendor or job applicant had ever reported such improper questioning in over a decade and a half.

“Any implication of any connection between Bill Gates’ personal history and an independent background check process, identical for men and women, is outrageous,” declares the spokesperson.