Meghan Markle's decision not to accompany Prince Harry to King Charles III's coronation on May 6 has been praised as a "wise choice" by royal experts, as her presence could have potentially overshadowed the ceremony.

Royal experts Christopher Andersen and Jonathan Sacerdoti shared their thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex's decision to stay in California during the historic event in an interview with Fox News Digital. Andersen speculated on Meghan's feelings about her husband attending alone and the potential mixed reactions Prince Harry may receive from the public.

Andersen described the situation as "very uncomfortable" and "highly awkward" for Prince Harry, who may experience both cheers and boos and likely feel marginalized. He continued to discuss whether the couple's decision was a joint one, stating, "If this was a decision made jointly, then it shows a level of maturity and unity in the marriage that is to be admired."

However, if Meghan was not in agreement with Harry's decision, Andersen noted that it could create a strain on their relationship. He believes both Meghan and Harry understand the importance of this event in their relationship with the royal family and that neither Prince Charles nor Prince William would forgive Harry if he did not attend.

Andersen praised Prince Harry's choice to attend the coronation and suggested that King Charles III is likely relieved. Sacerdoti agreed that Meghan made the right decision not to attend, as her presence could have diverted attention from the new king and queen and further strained her relationship with the royals.

Sacerdoti emphasized that the coronation is about the new monarchs and not the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's "ongoing family psychodrama." He added, "It is probably a wise choice for Meghan not to attend after the many allegations and breaches of confidence that have been made in the Netflix show, various interviews, and in Harry's book."

Sacerdoti acknowledged that Meghan's absence would not be missed by many in the UK and speculated that Prince Harry would likely return to California immediately after the ceremony to celebrate his son, Prince Archie's, fourth birthday on May 6.

Omid Scobie, co-author of "Finding Freedom," also mentioned Prince Archie's birthday as a factor in Meghan's decision not to attend the coronation and stated that Prince Harry's trip to the UK would be "a fairly quick trip" solely for the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

Buckingham Palace and a spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed in a statement that the duchess will remain in California with their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. The couple's last visit to the UK together was in September 2022 for charity visits and Queen Elizabeth II's funeral events. Prince Harry also made a surprise visit to London in March to attend a preliminary hearing in his privacy lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited.