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Camilla Parker Bowles Snubbed In Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Baby News: 'Not In The Mix'

Queen Camilla Dazzles at State Opening of Parliament with $1 Million Crown

Queen Camilla captured the spotlight at the recent State Opening of Parliament, donning a stunning crown reportedly worth $1 million. The event, held on July 17 at the House of Lords chamber within the Palace of Westminster, also coincided with the queen's 77th birthday, adding a double celebratory note to the proceedings.
Meghan Markle wins copyright case over letter to father

Meghan Markle's Upcoming Book May Be Filled with Explosive Allegations, Experts Claim

Rumors about Meghan Markle penning a tell-all memoir have been circulating for months, and now royal biographer Tom Bower has reignited the speculation with his latest claims. According to Bower, the Duchess of Sussex is preparing to release a memoir that could be filled with damaging allegations about the British royal family, similar to her husband Prince Harry's controversial bestseller, "Spare."
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    Princess Diana Was Right About Camilla's Loyalty and Charles' Love, Claims Royal Expert

    Princess Diana's perceptions of Queen Camilla's loyalty and King Charles' deep feelings for her have proven accurate, according to royal expert Jennie Bond. As Queen Camilla celebrated her 77th birthday on July 17, Bond, a former BBC royal correspondent, reflected on the dynamics of the royal couple's relationship, especially in light of King Charles' recent cancer diagnosis.
  • Camilla Parker-Bowles

    Inside the Unexpected First Encounter Between Queen Camilla and Prince William

    Queen Camilla’s first meeting with Prince William was marked by anxiety and apprehension, yet it laid the foundation for a relationship that has grown closer over the years. Details of this initial encounter have resurfaced as both the Prince of Wales and his stepmother navigate similar personal challenges—namely, supporting their spouses through their respective cancer battles.
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William

    Prince William Disregarded Prenup Advice Before Marrying Kate Middleton

    Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage, which took place on April 29, 2011, has been widely celebrated as a modern fairy tale. However, behind the scenes, William made a significant decision that defied conventional advice: he chose not to sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying Kate.
  • Kate Middleton Reportedly Had To Overcome Her Shyness To Become One Of Royal Family’s Strongest Allies, Source Says

    Kate Middleton Shines at Wimbledon, Overshadowing Hollywood A-Listers

    Kate Middleton dominated the spotlight during the Wimbledon 2024 final, outshining an array of Hollywood superstars who were in attendance. The Princess of Wales, making only her second public appearance following her cancer diagnosis, captivated the crowd and the media, leaving A-list celebrities in the shadows.
  • Meghan Markle on racism in UK royal family, considering suicide and crying due to Kate Middleton

    Desperate for Success? Meghan Markle Seeks 'Suits' Cast Support for New Podcast

    Meghan Markle is reportedly reaching out to her former "Suits" co-stars for participation in her new podcast project with Lemonada Media. This comes after her previous podcast, "Archetypes," was axed by Spotify. The Duchess of Sussex, who has largely distanced herself from her former colleagues since marrying Prince Harry, now faces the challenge of mending strained relationships and securing their support for her latest venture.
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton's Concern Over Prince William's 'Reckless' Scooter Ride: A Close Look at Royal Safety

    Kate Middleton reportedly expressed her disappointment when Prince William was seen riding an electric scooter without a helmet, highlighting the ongoing pressures and concerns within the royal family. The Prince of Wales, who has been increasingly busy with royal duties amid his father King Charles' and his wife's cancer diagnoses, was spotted last week zipping around Windsor Castle on his scooter, which prompted a stern reaction from the Princess of Wales.
  • Kate Middleton Reportedly Had To Overcome Her Shyness To Become One Of Royal Family’s Strongest Allies, Source Says

    Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte Steal the Show at Wimbledon Final

    Kate Middleton and her daughter, Princess Charlotte, captivated the Wimbledon crowd with their appearance at the men’s singles final, where they greeted the new champion, Carlos Alcaraz. The heartwarming moment was captured and shared on Wimbledon’s official Instagram page, showcasing the Princess of Wales and her nine-year-old daughter in high spirits as they congratulated Alcaraz on his victory over Novak Djokovic.