Ain't No Stopping Queen Elizabeth

Australia's Five-Dollar Bill to Feature Indigenous Design, Replacing Queen Elizabeth's Image

Australia's Reserve Bank announced on Monday that the image of Queen Elizabeth II will be removed from the nation's five-dollar bill. This bill was the sole piece of Australian paper currency still featuring the likeness of the late monarch. The decision marks a notable divergence from the United Kingdom's approach, where King Charles III, the queen's heir, is set to appear on British currency and banknotes.
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince William and Kate Middleton

King Charles 'Comforted' by Prince William and Kate’s Preparedness for the Throne

As King Charles III confronts a personal health crisis, his reassurance about the future of the British monarchy grows, bolstered by the preparedness of Prince William and Kate Middleton to ascend to the throne. The King finds profound comfort in the capabilities of the couple, particularly during such a tumultuous period marked by his own battle with cancer.
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