Tucker Carlson, the once-dominant figure at Fox News, is planning a dual retaliation against his previous employer and former colleagues after his high-profile exit from the network, sources report to The National ENQUIRER.

Driven by indignation and an appetite for retribution, Carlson is accusing Fox News of fraud and contract breach. The former host is actively preparing a lawsuit while also priming a new television show designed to directly rival Fox.

"Everyone should brace for impact," an insider reveals. "He's sitting on a powder keg of resentment. Whatever comes next will be no-holds-barred and likely cause red faces in many quarters." Carlson, 54, is reportedly willing to forgo a $25 million severance package in order to expose his version of events. This comes in the wake of his role as the perceived "fall guy" for Fox’s costly $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over disputed claims of election fraud in the 2020 Presidential race.

According to insiders, Carlson has sought access to a trove of internal Fox documents, which he allegedly plans to use against his former network. His resentment stems from the release of inflammatory text messages that reportedly showcased his scorn for colleague Chris Wallace, his disdain for Donald Trump, and his accusation of Rupert Murdoch, Fox's mogul, as dishonest.

Carlson's legal team is now engaged in challenging a noncompete clause in his contract, which otherwise prevents him from joining another news organization until January 2025. His lawyers contend the clause is void, given Fox's purported contract breach.

Despite his current noncompete status, the outspoken presenter has made public his intentions to reinvigorate and relaunch his erstwhile Fox program, Tucker Carlson Tonight, via Twitter. This development follows a significant ratings slump for Fox in Carlson's old 8 p.m. prime-time slot.

However, Elon Musk, Twitter’s billionaire owner, reveals that no formal agreement has been made with Carlson yet, although they are allegedly in private discussions. Insiders are confident that the incendiary host will eventually secure a platform to stage his assault on Fox.

Fox executives are reportedly jittery about the prospect of Carlson divulging sensitive inside information about the network. "Tucker knows the network's deepest secrets, and he plans to expose them in any new show he sets up!" a source reveals. "He is livid over his perceived victimization and smearing!"

Fox's prime figures, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, have reportedly reached out to Carlson, hoping to avoid being implicated in any forthcoming exposés. "Everyone is banking on his non-disclosure agreement standing firm," a source discloses. "Fox can ill-afford another costly legal ruling, and his ex-co-workers are on tenterhooks about potential revelations!"

Greg Gutfeld Ascends Fox News Hierarchy Amidst Controversy

As the dust settles from Tucker Carlson's departure from Fox News, Greg Gutfeld is emerging as a powerhouse aiming to fill the void, sources reveal. Geraldo Rivera, a long-standing rival, appears to be the first casualty of Gutfeld’s ambitions.

According to insiders, Rivera, the 79-year-old veteran broadcaster, faced double cancellations from Fox's top-rated show, 'The Five', allegedly due to his criticism of Carlson's conspiracy theories, which many believe led to Carlson's exit. Fox News maintains that Rivera's absence from the show was due to a "scheduling conflict". However, insiders suggest that Gutfeld's unbridled aspiration might have played a role, particularly after Rivera labeled the feisty commentator an "insulting punk" in a 2022 on-air argument concerning abortion.

Rivera brought the issue to light publicly, stating, "My appearances on 'The Five' have been canceled. I'm sure there's a good reason. Never fear, I'll be back week after next."

But if Gutfeld has his way, Rivera's return might not be guaranteed, says an insider. "Greg is clearly the orchestrator. With Tucker out, he's begun flexing his muscle."

According to the source, Gutfeld's shows, 'The Five' and 'Gutfeld!', are experiencing soaring ratings. Consequently, the 58-year-old pundit is reportedly "making a slew of demands" and is prepared to steamroll anyone posing a threat to his rise. "Greg believes his stellar ratings give him the upper hand over other anchors who have fallen out of favor or past their prime — including Sean Hannity," an insider discloses.

While representatives firmly deny Gutfeld is engaging in any power dynamics, sources indicate that he feels he's the ideal candidate to succeed Tucker as the new face of Fox News.