The unprecedented battle between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden is unfolding for Florida's key state, as counting begins in an epoch-making election unraveling amid the deadliest pandemic in hundred years.

If Trump wins in Florida, he would be able to keep his bid to pave the way to the 270 electoral voters, which is needed to a second term alive. The Sunshine State is poised tightly with 81 percent of votes counted; however, there are concern concerns for Democrats in southern Miami-Dade County, where the former vice president seems to be doing poorly as he underperforms Hillary Clinton's 2016 mark.

Polls have now been closed across the eastern and central parts of the United States on what can be described as a nervous night that will set the nation's direction for the next four years and judge the most rumbustious presidency of the modern age. Although results from key states have begun pouring in, CNN suggests it is too early to make a projection in key states, including Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Moreover, Pennsylvania's key state could prove to be the kingmaker in this tight race, while Democrats hope to turn the Republican state of Georgia blue. It is imperative for Trump to win both Florida and Pennsylvania if he wants to stand a chance of getting re-elected to a second term in office.

The BBC suggests Trump will retain West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. It also projects that Biden will keep his home state of Delaware, in addition to Washington DC, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Vermont in his column.

The early shortfall for Biden in Miami-Dade can be a sign of what appeared to be obvious in pre-election polls that suggested Trump had been invading traditional Democratic support with Latino and Black men. In an attempt to drive up turnout, former President Barack Obama held two rallies in Miami-Dade in the closing days.

The Democratic nominee still seems to be doing better than Clinton in a few suburban counties in the state. If Biden ends up underperforming Clinton in Miami-Dade, he would have no choice but to run up Democratic margins in Hillsborough County and other parts of the state, which comprises Duval County around Jacksonville, or Tampa and its suburbs.

The nation's economy is the biggest issue on the voters' minds, per a nationwide CNN exit poll. The results are not complete since most Americans were still voting, but in those early votes, nearly a third admitted that the economy is the most important issue.