Nicole Poturalski just posted a cryptic message shortly after it was reported that she and Brad Pitt have called it quits.

In the photo, the 27-year-old German model is laying on the bed in her lingerie. The sun is shining down on her face as she looks straight into the camera.

Poturalski captioned the photo by saying “hang in there just a little bit longer.” And according to Hollywood Life, this is the model’s way of responding to the reports about her split from Pitt.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star and Pitt made headlines last summer amid reports that they’re dating. Even though the couple never confirmed the status of their relationship, their photo hanging out in France seemed like enough proof to conclude that they were seeing each other.

However, there seems to be a catch with regards to Pitt and Poturalski’s relationship. After all, the model is still legally married to her husband, Roland Mary. And they share a 7-year-old son together.

According to reports, Pitt and Poturalski mutually agreed to split because they have a lot of things on their plates. Poturalski is in Germany with her son. And she recently hung out with Mary in public.

Pitt, on the other hand, is still battling it out in court with regards to the custody of his children. According to Hollywood Life, Pitt could see another delay in his custody battle with Jolie because the actress just dropped her attorney, Priya Sopori. In 2018, Jolie also dropped her former attorney, Laura Wasser.

Earlier this month, New Idea claimed that Pitt is furious with Jolie for dragging their custody battle for so long. And a source said that the Maleficent star will have another trick up her sleeve, Pitt might consider dragging his ex-wife to jail.

The insider also said that Pitt is so scared of Jolie that he refuses to meet up with her without witnesses present. So, the minute that Jolie shouts at him or berates him in public or in private, Pitt would immediately call the cops on his ex-wife.

However, it is unlikely for Pitt to send Jolie to jail based only on these grounds. And Pitt wants nothing more than to speed up his custody battle so it’s unlikely for him to want to drag it further by sending Jolie to jail.

Initially, the judge on Pitt and Jolie’s case is supposed to give his ruling in December. But it is unclear how things would play for the couple in the coming days.