Brad Pitt’s, allegedly, dislikes Nicole Poturalski for her son. So, she may, allegedly, be thrilled to know that their relationship is over.

Weeks ago, a source told New Idea that Jane Pitt is worried that her son is making a fool of himself. After all, he’s dating a much younger model, who could very well be his daughter.

Jane also, allegedly, has a close relationship with Jennifer Aniston. And the two women have been talking on the phone regularly. As such, Jane couldn’t help but hope that Aniston is still the one that Pitt’s dating.

The doting mom is also, allegedly, relying on Aniston to make sure that Pitt won’t fall in with the wrong crowd years after their divorce.

And now that Pitt and Poturalski have broken up, it is, allegedly, possible that Jane is thrilled to hear the news. The only problem is, she’s not because the tabloid’s previous claims were all made up.

Jane isn’t in contact with Aniston regularly. And the former has never publicly talked about her son’s relationships. And most of what Jane has, allegedly, said only come from tabloids that are not to be trusted.

For instance, Woman’s Day previously claimed that Jane was so enraged with Angelina Jolie that she confronted the actress on one occasion.

A source claimed that Jane was upset when she heard that Jolie wanted to relocate with her kids overseas. And since Jane has been keeping her mouth shut for a long time, but after seeing how her son has been struggling to be away from his children, she couldn’t hold things to herself any longer.

Jane, allegedly, told her former daughter-in-law how upsetting it is to see her continually twisting the knife and making public digs at her son. Jane also, allegedly, threatened to do a tell-all, where she would expose the dirt on Jolie.

But several years have passed and there still hasn’t been a tell-all from Jane. And it is also unlikely for her to have confronted Jolie. Jane may have been concerned about Pitt and her grandkids, but she has successfully stayed out of the limelight all these years.

Weeks ago, New Idea also claimed that Jane opened up about Shiloh and Aniston’s relationship. Jane is, allegedly, thrilled because her teenage granddaughter is very close to Aniston. After all, Jane adores the Friends star.

However, this couldn’t possibly have been true because Aniston and Shiloh have not even met each other.