Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who have been at the center of intense divorce speculation, were seen leaving an office building separately in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Affleck, notably wearing his wedding ring, appeared composed and professional in a navy blue suit and white button-up shirt, carrying a large black duffel bag and his signature iced coffee. The actor's public display of his wedding band comes just days after he was seen without it during a lunch outing with his daughter, Violet.

"Ben and Jen are aware that their fans are paying attention to see if they’re wearing their rings or not," a source told ET. "They're trying to be as amicable as possible. They still want the best for everyone involved including their kids, the rest of their families, and shared friends."

Jennifer Lopez arrived at the office building around noon and was seen departing around 5 p.m. in a vehicle. The sighting follows her recent vacation in Europe, where she enjoyed time in Positano, Italy, and attended Paris Fashion Week. A source mentioned that Lopez needed a change of pace and opted for a vacation with friends. "Jen loves vacationing in Europe during the summer. It's been nice for her to experience a change of pace and have some breathing room," the source said. "She has been having a blast with her friends."

Despite the ongoing rumors and speculations, the couple has maintained a united front. Affleck and Lopez tied the knot in 2022 and have since been navigating their blended family dynamics, including their children from previous relationships. Affleck shares three children with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner: Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12. Lopez has 16-year-old twins, Max and Emme, with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

Recent reports suggest that Affleck and Lopez are trying to sell their $60.8 million home in Beverly Hills, just a year after purchasing it. In May, a source close to the couple told ET that they were aware of their issues and were desperately trying to save their marriage. "Ben and Jen don't want to get divorced," the source shared, adding that the pair "are saying they won't, but their relationship is simply not working at this point. They aren't done yet and want to fix things because they love each other, but they are also both unhappy."

Affleck recently opened up about his relationship with Lopez and the intense fame that surrounds them during an interview with Kevin Hart on Peacock's "Hart to Heart." He acknowledged the significant public attention on Lopez, saying, "She's so famous... [and] people love her, and she really represents something important to people." Affleck contrasted this with his own experience of fame, noting, "With me, people are like, 'Hey, I like your movie.' [But] then they're like 'AAAHHHH! J.Lo!' It's amazing."

Affleck and Lopez have been making efforts to spend quality time with their family despite their marital issues. Lopez was recently seen attending Violet's graduation party and spending one-on-one time with her, while Affleck attended his son Samuel’s middle school graduation. The couple's attempts to maintain a united front amidst their challenges highlight their commitment to their family and each other.

As rumors continue to swirl, the couple's actions suggest a desire to work through their issues privately while maintaining their public personas. Their willingness to address their problems and seek solutions, despite the public scrutiny, indicates a deep commitment to each other and their blended family.