Jennifer Lopez has reportedly reached her breaking point with her marriage to Ben Affleck, choosing to end their relationship after a series of highly publicized ups and downs. This decision follows recent sightings of Lopez vacationing alone in Europe, fueling speculation about the state of their union.

According to a source who spoke to Radar Online, Lopez initially made considerable efforts to salvage her marriage. "At first [Lopez] was willing to do anything to get him to come home, but it was just pointless. She's now telling friends she's over trying," the source revealed. Despite her determination, it appears that the relationship has reached an impasse.

Lopez's resilience has been notable throughout the ordeal, as she continues to maintain a cordial relationship with Affleck for the sake of their blended family. Her twins, Emme and Max, have formed close bonds with Affleck's children, Violet, Fin, and Samuel. This focus on family has been a priority for Lopez, even as rumors of their impending divorce swirl.

On Father's Day, Lopez shared a heartfelt message for Affleck on social media, referring to him as "our hero." However, insiders suggest that the tribute was more about managing public perceptions than a genuine attempt to reconcile. "It's all about image right now, especially on her side, so posting that was calculated and not some sign they are working things out," the source explained.

Lopez's decision to end the marriage seems to stem from a series of irreconcilable differences. The source detailed some of Affleck's habits that reportedly irritated Lopez, including his chain smoking, junk food binges, and general untidiness. "He's also a slob, which irritates her because she likes everything super neat and tidy. She's relieved to escape his mess," the source added.

Affleck's often sour disposition has also been a point of contention, affecting Lopez's usually upbeat demeanor. Friends and family have noted that Lopez, known for her positive outlook, has been visibly affected by Affleck's moodiness. "Her loved ones believe she is fortunate to have moved on from him," the source said.

Professionally, Lopez has faced challenges alongside her personal struggles. Her latest album, "This is Me ... Now," and the accompanying documentary chronicling her relationship with Affleck, received lukewarm responses. Additionally, disappointing ticket sales for her tour led to its cancellation. Despite these setbacks, Lopez remains focused on her future.

"She's reading scripts and getting a ton of offers, which is a real bright spot in all of this. And she's spending a ton of time with her kids, just trying to make sure they come out of this okay," the source shared. Lopez's commitment to her children and career continues to drive her forward as she navigates this difficult period.

Entertainment Times has been able to verify this claim independently.

It's important to approach these reports with caution, as neither Lopez nor Affleck has made any official statements regarding their relationship status. However, the consistent rumors and insider accounts paint a picture of a marriage that has faced significant strain.