Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin, has found himself at the center of controversy following a viral TikTok video that has sparked widespread outrage and speculation about his fidelity. The video, which surfaced on June 24, shows McLoughlin engaging in what some have deemed inappropriate behavior with multiple women at Lambert’s Nashville bar.

The footage captured the retired police officer dancing closely with a woman, indulging in what appeared to be bumping and grinding. With a drink in hand, McLoughlin was also seen leaning into an unidentified brunette woman. Another clip showed him hugging a blonde woman while engaged in an intimate conversation, with the woman holding his face at one point.

The TikTok video, captioned "Miranda Lambert, come get your man," quickly went viral, drawing a mix of disbelief and condemnation from viewers. Some fans doubted the man in the video was indeed McLoughlin, while others were more convinced and critical of his actions.

"1 oof, he can't dance 2 the nerve to dance with women in his wife's bar 3 not wearing his wedding ring 4 the fact that the guy next to him is wearing an a------- forever shirt," one TikTok user commented. Another wrote, "His pregnant girlfriend sure dodged a bullet when he left her for Miranda." A third added, "Whether Miranda is there or not, he's a little bit too touchy with those women."

As of now, neither Lambert nor McLoughlin has responded to the uproar caused by the video. Their silence has only fueled further speculation and debate among fans and the media.

Lambert and McLoughlin’s relationship has been under the public eye since its inception. The couple met in November 2018 on the set of Good Morning America, where Lambert was performing with her band, the Pistol Annies, and McLoughlin was working as security for the show. The introduction was orchestrated by Lambert’s bandmates, who thought McLoughlin might be a good match for the singer.

"My girlfriends, the Annies, saw him and knew I might be ready to hang out with someone," Lambert revealed in a New York Times profile. "They invited him to our show behind my back. They plucked him for me."

The couple married on January 26, 2019, after a whirlwind romance of a few months. However, they kept the news of their wedding private for three weeks, only announcing it through Valentine’s Day posts on Instagram and X. Lambert has previously emphasized her desire for privacy in her personal life, especially after her highly publicized first marriage and subsequent divorce.

"I was married before, and it was a huge wedding and everything was very public. So was my divorce," Lambert told People. "I learned then that it's not for everybody else. This is my actual life. With Brendan, I made it a point to keep it as private as I could for as long as I could."

Despite Lambert’s efforts to keep her marriage out of the spotlight, the viral TikTok has thrust her and McLoughlin back into the public eye. The couple’s silence on the matter leaves fans and observers waiting for their next move, as speculation continues to swirl around the implications of McLoughlin’s behavior.