Svitlana Yefimets
Rumors Claim Joy Behar Is Targeting Whoopi Goldberg So She’ll Be The No. 1 Host Of ‘The View’

Tensions Rise on 'The View' as Whoopi Goldberg and Co-Hosts Spar Over Parenting

In a recent episode of "The View," a heated debate over parenting styles led to an unexpected interruption from the show's executive producer, Brian Teta. The discussion, which revolved around whether or not it's appropriate to raise one's voice at children, saw differing opinions from the co-hosts, with Whoopi Goldberg at the center of the controversy.
Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner

'The View' Hosts Weigh In on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Divorce Controversy

The divorce battle between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has taken a tumultuous turn, and the hosts of "The View" didn't hold back their opinions on the matter. Sunny Hostin, known for her controversial takes on the show, and Joy Behar, the only original host still on "The View," expressed their concerns about the couple's public feud, especially considering the involvement of their two daughters.
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