Prince Harry, despite ongoing frustrations with his situation, is not seeking to return to his royal duties, according to royal expert Cameron Walker. This revelation comes amid a series of health crises within the royal family, including King Charles's cancer diagnosis, Princess Kate's cancer treatment, and Princess Anne's hospitalization following a horse-related incident.

Walker, a correspondent for GB News, addressed speculation that Prince Harry might step up to more royal responsibilities given the temporary absence of these senior royals. "I don't think it's to do with we're losing members of the Royal Family temporarily, such as the Princess of Wales and Princess Anne," Walker said on GB News. "I think he's trying to go it alone. I don't think this is him trying to become a working member of the Royal Family again."

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, relocated to California after stepping back from their royal duties in 2020. Despite being away from the royal spotlight, Harry remains a figure of significant public interest, especially in light of his recent attempts to engage in military-related activities and support military causes.

Walker noted that Prince Harry appears to be content with his life in California, despite underlying frustrations. "I think he is pretty happy in California from the messages we are getting from him, but clearly it is a huge frustration," Walker added.

The royal expert acknowledged the curiosity among royal watchers about what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could have contributed had they stayed within the royal fold. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have maintained a relatively low profile, focusing on their personal projects and philanthropic endeavors.

"I think over the last few years, it's been pretty clear that Prince Harry has been pretty angry and frustrated with the situation he's ended up being in," Walker continued. He emphasized that Harry is likely focused on finding his passion and carving out a role that aligns with his interests, particularly in military engagements.

Harry's dedication to military causes has been evident through his various initiatives and public appearances. "There's been long periods of absence, I think, from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And this is him, perhaps, carving out his role again. Seeing what he enjoys, what his passion is, and that is clearly military engagements and highlighting military causes," Walker explained.

Despite the persistent rumors and speculations about his return to royal duties, it seems Prince Harry is determined to forge his own path in California. An unnamed source even claimed that Harry attempted to secure an invitation to this year's Trooping the Colour, a significant royal event. However, he reportedly did not receive one, leaving him "heartbroken and confused" by what he perceives as his family's decision to "cut him off."

This narrative of exclusion contrasts sharply with Harry's public image of being an independent and self-sufficient figure. Yet, the desire for family connection and involvement in significant royal traditions seems to linger.

The health issues facing King Charles, Princess Kate, and Princess Anne have certainly cast a shadow over the royal family, raising questions about the future of the monarchy and the roles of its key members. However, as Walker suggests, Prince Harry is not poised to step back into his former royal role, at least not in the immediate future.

Instead, Harry's focus remains on his new life and responsibilities in California, where he continues to explore his passions and work on projects that align with his values. This period of self-discovery and redefinition marks a significant chapter in his life, distinct from his royal past yet still influenced by it.