Taylor Swift’s recent interaction with the British royal family has fueled speculation that she is siding with Prince William and Kate Middleton amid their ongoing feud with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The 34-year-old singer posted a backstage selfie with Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte on her Instagram page. The photo, taken during her Eras Tour stop in London on June 21, also featured NFL star Travis Kelce.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ official Instagram account shared another behind-the-scenes snap, showing the heir to the throne and his two children enjoying the moment with Swift. This public interaction has prompted royal commentators to weigh in on Swift's apparent allegiance.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield suggested that Swift's selfie with the royals indicates her support for the Wales family. “Now, remember, Meghan Markle had requested Taylor to be on her podcast,” Schofield said. “She wrote her a handwritten letter and Taylor’s team rejected it.” Schofield added that Meghan had publicized her attendance at a Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles in 2023 through People magazine, but did not get the chance to meet the singer. “I think we are seeing our Taylor side with Team Wales here over the last few hours,” Schofield remarked.

Schofield also pointed out the contrasting public appearances of the royal brothers. She noted that Prince Harry appeared “pretty miserable” at a Beyoncé concert, while Prince William was seen “shaking his tail feather” at the Taylor Swift concert. “You’re just seeing that Prince William is pursuing joy. And I think that is important,” Schofield commented.

The Telegraph previously reported that Meghan Markle had sent a personal letter to Taylor Swift, inviting her to be a guest on her "Archetypes" podcast. However, Swift’s team politely declined the invitation. The Wall Street Journal corroborated this, noting that Swift’s representatives had turned down Meghan’s request.

Schofield further speculated on Meghan’s motives, suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex was keen to be friends with Swift for strategic reasons. “Meghan was desperate to be friends with Taylor as she wanted to be like her marketing-wise,” Schofield said, referencing Meghan and Harry’s recent rebranding efforts, including changing their website from Archewell to Sussex.com.

Despite the rejection from Swift, Meghan is moving forward with her podcasting ambitions. She has teamed up with Lemonada Media to release a new podcast following the success of “Archetypes.” The collaboration comes after the original series, which featured guests like Paris Hilton and Serena Williams, was dropped by Spotify.

The backstage selfie has not only delighted fans of Taylor Swift and the royal family but also reignited discussions about the ongoing tensions within the British monarchy. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s public criticisms of the royal family, shared in interviews, their Netflix series, and Harry’s memoir “Spare,” have strained their relationships with Prince William and other royals.

In his memoir, Harry revealed painful details about his life within the royal family, including the impact of his mother Princess Diana’s death. He admitted to not crying upon hearing the news from his father, King Charles, and recounted the emotional distance he felt at that moment. This candid account, along with other revelations, has contributed to the widening rift between the brothers.

While the Sussexes have faced criticism and controversy, the Prince and Princess of Wales have continued to fulfill their royal duties and maintain their public image. The joyful interaction with Taylor Swift is seen by some as a reflection of Prince William’s focus on positivity and family unity.