Jennifer Lopez, amidst swirling speculation about her personal life, made a determined appearance at Paris Fashion Week, ensuring she wasn't questioned about her marriage status. Over the weekend, Lopez was seen at various locations around Paris, notably without her husband, Ben Affleck.

Lopez confidently attended the Christian Dior show on Sunday, June 23, amid rumors about her marriage. Radiant as ever, she posed for photos in an asymmetrical brown dress, a matching coat, and her signature sky-high gold heels. To keep fans guessing about her wedding ring, she wore black leather gloves, completing her ensemble with a beige belt that accentuated her waist and a small black purse.

This appearance follows sightings of Ben Affleck without his wedding ring and reports of his confrontations with paparazzi. Affleck stepped out of his car recently to confront photographers who had flashed a light at him while he was driving, warning them, "Someone's going to get hurt."

According to Mirror UK, Affleck unleashed his "strongest emotions" during an altercation with paparazzi after visiting Lopez's home. A body language expert suggested that the 51-year-old actor appears to have reached a breaking point, with his patience wearing thin amid ongoing speculation about his marriage to Lopez.

Photographs captured Affleck angrily confronting a paparazzo, gesturing forcefully with his finger and taking hold of the man's phone before departing. Body language expert Judi James noted that Affleck appeared "triggered" by the encounter, suggesting that the intense media attention on his marriage may have pushed him to a "short fuse."

James explained, "Big issues or pressure in someone's life can create strong emotions that are triggered by something else, often something more minor." She added that Affleck's reaction could be a manifestation of the mounting pressure and speculation surrounding his relationship with Lopez.

For months, rumors have circulated about the state of their marriage, fueled by their absence from public appearances together. While Affleck has been busy filming the sequel to "The Accountant" in California, Lopez has been promoting her Netflix film "Atlas" and preparing for her recently canceled "This Is Me...Live" tour.

Lopez and Affleck rekindled their relationship in 2021 after many years apart and exchanged vows in an intimate Las Vegas ceremony in 2022. Despite the public interest and scrutiny, the couple has mostly kept their personal lives private.

Lopez's choice to wear gloves at the Dior show, hiding her wedding ring, has only added to the speculation. Some fans believe it was a deliberate move to keep people guessing about her marital status. Her solo appearance at the event, coupled with Affleck's ringless outings, has further fueled rumors about potential issues in their marriage.

Affleck's recent confrontations with paparazzi highlight the pressures of living under constant media scrutiny. His frustrations seem to have boiled over, leading to a public display of anger. This incident is not the first time Affleck has clashed with photographers, but it underscores the toll that relentless media attention can take on public figures.