Jennifer Lopez, the globally renowned singer and actress, has recently been the subject of intense speculation following a series of unexpected decisions and sightings. The latest buzz centers around her choice to travel in economy class, a stark contrast to her usual luxurious lifestyle.

Lopez, who is married to actor Ben Affleck, was spotted over the weekend in an economy seat on a KLM flight. This sighting comes after she was seen enjoying a lavish vacation in Europe, attending fashion shows and mingling with the elite. Dressed casually in a white sweater and sweatpants, Lopez occupied a window seat, with her handbag taking up the middle seat next to her. Fares for economy class on KLM start at $143, a modest sum compared to her estimated net worth of $400 million, according to Celebrity News.

This unexpected choice of travel has fueled rumors of financial difficulties, possibly linked to her recent tour cancellation and rumored marital issues. Lopez had planned to embark on her "This Is Me... Live" tour in July, celebrating her 55th birthday with performances of her greatest hits. However, in late May, news broke that she had decided to call off the tour to spend more time with her children and close family members.

Adding to the speculation, Lopez and Affleck have reportedly been living apart for an extended period. Affleck is said to have rented a luxurious property in Brentwood, costing an estimated $100,000 per month, while the couple discreetly put their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion up for sale. These moves have intensified rumors of an impending divorce, despite the couple's public efforts to maintain a positive image.

The couple's relationship has always been a topic of public interest. They were initially engaged in 2004 but called it off a few months later. They rekindled their romance and married two years ago, but recent reports suggest that their marriage might be on shaky ground. Despite these rumors, Lopez has been seen maintaining a positive attitude, particularly during her recent solo trip to Italy for Men's Fashion Week in Paris.

Lopez's decision to cancel her tour and the reports of her financing a documentary with $20 million from her own pocket have led to questions about her financial stability. However, those close to her suggest that her recent choices might be more about prioritizing family and personal well-being over professional commitments.

The singer's publicist has yet to comment on the rumors surrounding her financial situation or marital status. Lopez herself has remained tight-lipped, focusing instead on her family and personal life. Her fans, meanwhile, have expressed support and understanding, highlighting the importance of prioritizing mental health and family over career pressures.

Despite the swirling rumors, Lopez continues to be a dominant force in the entertainment industry. Her recent public appearances, including the one where she traveled in economy class, have only added to her mystique and the public's fascination with her life. Whether these recent developments signal a significant change in her personal or professional life remains to be seen.