Prince William allegedly wants to leapfrog Prince Charles to the throne.

In its May 9 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince William believes that he’s on the same level as Prince Charles even if he’s second in line to the throne.

After all, the Duke of Cambridge knows that he has so much influence on Queen Elizabeth.

“It cannot be denied that Prince William has just as much, if not more, sway over the queen than his father does and is just as popular both behind palace walls and with the people outside of it. Charles is acutely aware of how both William and the public feel,” the source said.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson previously commented on Prince Charles and Prince William's future roles and their differences as future monarchs. He said that the Duke of Cornwall has always shown deference to the queen, but his sons haven’t done the same to him.

Between the two future kings, Jobson also said that Prince William has emerged as the steely and decisive one. But he’s also prone to losing his temper more quickly than Prince Charles.

“Charles is a softer figure than his son and would do anything to avoid conflict, perhaps stand aside from a role that for seven decades has been his birthright. Even if it is a huge ask of Charles, the future of the monarchy is without a doubt more important,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Regardless of how many times Prince Charles and Prince William are compared to each other, the Order of Succession will never change. This means that Prince Charles will succeed the queen even if Prince William is more popular than him.

The Duke of Cambridge’s popularity and support system isn’t surprising either. After all, royal fans are looking for a monarch who is more modern and who can adapt to the changes in the world.

Prince William seems like the perfect fit because he’s ready to make some changes to the British monarchy.

As for Prince Charles, he’s still much older and he belongs to an older generation of royals. So, even if he will make some changes to the British monarchy, it’s unlikely for him to make it more modern than Prince William.

At the end of the day, it’s important to note that Prince Charles and Prince William will bring something different to the table.