Prince William and Kate Middleton are allegedly upset with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for visiting Queen Elizabeth without their two children.

In its May 2 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Prince William and Middleton do not also understand Prince Harry’s inconsistent statements.

For instance, he previously said that he had issues with security, but traveling to the United Kingdom before the Invictus Games proved otherwise.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t also like the fact that Prince Harry and Markle traveled to the UK while they were away on a ski trip.

“Kate has got Meghan all figured out. Kate isn’t the slightest bit surprised by their actions. They should be ashamed of themselves. William finds it ironic that Harry has talked so much about hating cameras, but now he’s allowed them to follow him and Meghan around. William begged the queen to give in and see them,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s trip to the UK and The Hague, they returned to the United States with one goal in mind. And that is to make sure that they would have some quality content to produce for Netflix.

“One of the most emotional parts will be them going to see the queen, and they must have known that would be the case. It’s all great fodder for the Netflix documentary, which will probably save their $100 million deal,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

As of late, there’s no indication that Prince William and Middleton were upset that Prince Harry and Markle didn’t bring their kids when they visited the queen.

And it’s not also true that Prince Harry and Markle decided to visit the queen while the Cambridges weren’t around.

It just so happened that the Invictus Games were scheduled days earlier and Prince William and his family’s trip must have also been scheduled weeks or even months earlier.

As of late, there’s no proof that Prince Harry and Markle’s visit to the queen will be featured in their documentary for Netflix. After all, the show will center on the Invictus Games and not the Sussexes’ reunion with Her Majesty or any other member of the royal family like Prince Charles.