Prince William is still, allegedly, struggling to accept Queen Elizabeth’s announcement regarding Camilla Parker Bowles’ future royal title.

Even though it’s already been a couple of weeks, a source told Us Weekly that Prince William still couldn’t believe what happened.

“William was caught off guard by the announcement. He didn’t have any warning and felt he should have been part of the discussion. William is questioning his royal future. He’s confided that he may never be king, at least not in the conventional sense,” a source said.

The source said that the queen’s announcement means that when Prince Charles ascends the throne, the entire royal family would work together. And The Firm will also function as one unit but in a different capacity.

According to the source, Prince William has been waiting for the day that he would be crowned as king. But having Camilla around as the future queen consort changed the ball game for him.

“William is approaching whatever comes next with dignity and practicality. But it’s scary for sure,” the source said.

The insider added that Prince William thought he would always have Prince Charles by his side. The father and son also formed a close bond after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit The Firm. But all this could change with a snap of a finger because of Camilla.

“Harry and Meghan’s sudden departure left Charles fuming, and that’s when he started working closely with William to create a slimmed-down monarchy with just a core group of royals. Charles really trusted William’s judgment. But things changed when William began to overshadow his father,” the source said.

According to the source, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been shining in royal circles while Prince Charles continues to deal with his insecurities. And this setup caused a further divide between the father and son.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no reason for the queen to inform Prince William about her announcement beforehand.

And it’s not true that Prince William is still struggling to accept that Camilla would be styled as queen consort when Prince Charles ascends the throne.

By the looks of it, Prince William is also on board with the queen’s decision especially since he has also become so close to his stepmother over the years.