Prince Charles has reportedly been waiting to ascend the throne for years. However, new sources are claiming that when the time for him to be king is finally getting closer, the heir to the throne realized that he’s not ready for the top job.

In its Nov. 22 issue, Woman's Day claimed that following Queen Elizabeth’s recent hospitalization, she and Prince Charles had a heart-to-heart conversation about the future of the monarchy. And it was allegedly during this conversation that Prince Charles told the monarch that he’s not ready to be king.

An unnamed source claimed that Prince Charles personally told Her Majesty that it would be best if she passes The Crown to Prince William.

“Charles pointed out that William has Kate. And unlike Camilla, Kate’s always been adored by the public and could be a more effective queen. He also argued from a cost-saving perspective, isn’t it best to pay for just one coronation instead of two in the space of a few years?” the source said.

The insider added that the queen wasn’t surprised when he heard Prince Charles’ proposal. After all, she was already aware that her eldest son’s desire to become king was no longer as strong as it once was.

However, the queen doesn’t allegedly like dealing with her children’s insecurities especially now that she’s much older and is dealing with a slew of health issues.

“She’s always had little time for emotional delays and the older she gets the more that’s apparent. She does worry about Charles, but she has also done her best to put a good team around him, in preparation for when the time comes. But duty always comes first and the queen is more aware than anyone that she has no time to waste,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, there is no indication that the queen and Prince Charles had a serious conversation recently.

And even if they did, it’s unlikely for the two senior royals to talk about the coronation this early on because it will make it seem as though Prince Charles is thinking that his mother is dying.

By the looks of it, the only accurate thing that the tabloid said had to do with the queen’s health and the fact that it’s somehow deteriorating.