More than two years have passed since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down as working royals. But, despite now living a new life in the United States, a royal expert stated that they could be looking to return to the Royal Fold “in some capacity.”

Speaking to Express UK, royal site founder, Kinsey Schofield, noted that the former working royals would be “eager” to return to their royal posts. She believes that the pair would be “willing to come back” and work as “part-time royals,” adding that they would probably live in the United Kingdom for six months a year.

The expert continued that the Duke of Sussex is “not willing to give up Frogmore Cottage.” It remains as his and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex’s official residence on the royal’s turf.

Schofield added that Prince Harry’s life is in his home country. She argued that the royal-born Prince’s “friends” and “blood” relatives reside in the United Kingdom.

Accordingly, she assumes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would go back, and even be “eager” to explore this kind of option. However, she countered that they might not have the choice to do so as it may not be “immediately available” to them.

The expert explained that it "would be too soon” should they pursue it after Prince Charles ascends to the British Throne. She noted that there is already an apparent “critical tone” in terms of the Prince of Wales’ kingship, so the Sussexes adding to it would not “necessarily improve the criticism.”

Royal author Tom Quinn made similar assertions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He told a recent episode of the “To Di For Daily” podcast that the pair may be interested in a royal comeback, according to a separate report from Express UK.

He noted that an insider spoke to him about the matter, saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe they can return as part-time royals when Prince Charles is King. He, also, claimed that the former working royals would stay six months as working members of the British Royal Family and six months in the United States “or wherever” to do their own thing.

Hundreds of comments about the matter have since emerged in a Reddit thread. Most of them appear very critical of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with many emphasizing that it would not happen now and in the future.

Some netizens even shared that they are from the United Kingdom before saying that the Sussexes are “not welcome” in the country as they have already made their bed.