Queen Elizabeth allegedly set aside all her upset feelings toward Prince Harry when they reunited earlier this month.

In its May 2 issue, New Idea claimed that the monarch welcomed her grandson with open arms when he visited her at Windsor Castle.

“The tension melted away as soon as they saw each other. They were so relieved to have some time alone to talk. It was supposed to be a quick catch-up so as not to overtax the Queen, who is still recovering from illness and mobility issues, but she insisted Harry and Meghan stay longer. The Sussexes spent two hours with her. There were tears. Harry was emotional about how frail she’s become in the year since he’s seen her,” the source said.

A second source said that the queen never had any intention to berate or reprimand her grandson. After all, her goal has always been to move forward with Prince Harry.

However, Prince Harry was criticized for once again speaking negatively about the royal family after he met up with the queen and seemingly buried the hatchet with her.

During his interview with Hoda Kotb, the Duke of Sussex said that he just wants to make sure that the queen is being protected.

“Why on earth would he go to all the effort of a fleeting visit with the Queen and Prince Charles at Windsor Castle to smooth out family relations, only to go on American television claiming the Queen lacks the right sort of people around her? It makes no sense. He’s lost it,” one royal fan commented.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier also weighed in on Prince Harry’s comments and said that the queen must see what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are doing.

“She must see they are using her, and I’m sure she’d like this nonsense to stop now before it ruins her jubilee year,” he said.

And when it comes to Prince Charles, who Prince Harry met up with briefly during his trip to Britain, he’s also allegedly upset.

“Charles thought Harry’s visit meant he might be ready to move forward from their family feud. But now, he’s taken Harry’s claim that the Queen is unprotected as a direct insult, whether it was intended as such or not. Prince William warned his father not to give Harry an inch,” the source said.