Former Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reunited again during the reunion special of the hit 90’s NBC sitcom. During the HBO Max special episode, they admitted that they had a real feeling while filming the first season of the show. Now, one tabloid reported that the two give a second chance at that left romance.

A recent edition of Life & Style claimed that Aniston and Schwimmer are considering giving their “real-life off-screen romance” a second chance. During the Friends: The Reunion, many were happy when the two admitted that they were almost romantically involved.

In the episode, Schwimmer confessed that he had a major crush on his co-star during the first season, and Aniston answered it was “reciprocal.” However, the actor made it clear that they never crossed the boundary because one of them was always in a relationship.

But, since the two were single at the moment, the aforementioned outlet asserted that they might reignite the flame before. According to an inside source, Aniston and Schwimmer were “talking, FaceTiming, and planning to meet up.”

“David was secretly devastated that he’d missed his opportunity. Some say he never 100 percent got over Jen,” the insider added.

Allegedly, the former co-stars felt a sense of nostalgia when they saw each other again during the reunion. The unnamed source further asserted that Aniston and Schwimmer have a lot in common and they do care for each other all this time.

“Neither Jen nor David feels the need to put on an act when they’re together. They can truly relax and be themselves.”

The biggest question now is whether or not the two reignite their old feelings. Although they revealed their real-life off-screen romance during the reunion, it is uncertain if they, indeed, give it a second chance. The former co-stars haven’t been spotted together since the HBO Max special.

This is not the first time romance rumors about Aniston and Schwimmer have surfaced. Back in 2019, when the Friends cast members also reunited, New Idea published an article claiming that the two always had feelings for each other and they’re finally giving it a go.

Then, New Idea released another report this year noting that the former co-stars spent a lot of “alone time” together during Friends: The Reunion. None of these claims were proved to be true, and the romance rumors will likely follow them, especially after admitting they had feelings for each other in the past.