Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd’s decades-long friendship is allegedly over.

In its June 14 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Aniston wanted Rudd to be part of the Friends reunion special, but he refused.

Rudd’s decision didn’t allegedly sit well with Aniston because the actor was always known as the “seventh friend” on the sitcom. And Rudd’s appearance in the original run of Friends left an impact on a lot of fans.

“It’s the subject of a lot of whispering. Everyone thought Paul would be a guaranteed cameo, given how close he was with Jen, but she refuses to talk about it, which obviously adds to the mystery,” the source said.

However, the source was also the one that gave a valid reason why Rudd was unable to join the Friends reunion.

They said that the actor is busy filming the upcoming Ant-Man movie. And he will also be starring in an upcoming project for Apple.

Still, there are alleged whispers that Rudd should’ve made time to appear in the Friends reunion for the sake of Aniston and his fans.

However, it was a struggle getting him to sign a deal because he asked for a huge sum of money.

On the other hand, a second source said that Rudd’s absence wasn’t really an issue for Aniston. After all, she cut ties with Rudd after they starred in Wanderlust in 2012.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Aniston and Rudd had a falling out a long time ago. And there is also no proof that The Morning Show star was furious over Rudd’s refusal to appear at the Friends reunion.

It is also important to note that Aniston and Rudd are still friends. In fact, Aniston paid tribute to the actor on his birthday last year.

On her Instagram post, the actress even professed her love for Rudd. This proves that their relationship isn’t strained.

According to Gossip Cop, Rudd not appearing in the Friends reunion isn’t a dealbreaker for Aniston because this doesn’t test the strength of their friendship.

It just so happens that the actor has several engagements up his plate that’s why he’s unable to take part in the single-camera project.

The Friends reunion aired weeks ago, and it garnered millions of views across the globe. The special episode featured all the main cast members, as well as some guest stars like Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne.