Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer didn’t allegedly waste any time to bond with each other when they reunited for the recent Friends Reunion special.

In its May 31 issue, New Idea claimed that sparks were flying when the co-stars met on set.

Several years ago, Aniston and Schwimmer played the roles of an on-again-off-again couple. But during the finale episode, their characters Rachel and Ross finally got back together.

Now, a source for the tabloid is saying that Aniston and Schwimmer felt as though they never stopped talking. In fact, the A-listers are closer than ever.

“They found they had a lot more in common now that so much time has passed and could often be found alone together in their trailers catching up. The other cast members couldn’t help but notice this is the first time they’ve both been single at the same time in more than 20 years and perhaps sparks were flying,” the source said.

According to the source, the people on the set became even more convinced that there was something going on between Aniston and Schwimmer when they requested to stand beside each other in the trailer for the Friends Reunion.

To add to the drama, the people on the set also saw how Schwimmer slid his arm around Aniston’s waist. And this allegedly proved that the co-stars still have feelings for each other.

This isn’t the first time that Aniston and Schwimmer were linked to each other. When the Friends Reunion was announced, the cast members shared a photo of the show’s old poster on their respective Instagram account.

Tabloids back then claimed that Aniston and Schwimmer decided to upload the specific photo because they still have feelings for each other.

However, none of the tabloid’s claims are true. After all, Aniston and Schwimmer never really developed feelings for each other. And if they did, it’s been decades since they had something going on.

While Friends was still on the air, Aniston dated Brad Pitt. The latter even made a cameo on the show. So, this proves that Aniston and Schwimmer weren’t really interested in dating each other back then, more so now.

Aniston and Schwimmer are nothing more than friends. It just so happened that they played the role of an onscreen couple that’s why they are still being linked to each other.