Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their separation in 2016, just two years after being married in 2014. The actress filed a divorce in 2019, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the major reason. After announcing that, rumors have been tailing them. The latest one suggests that the Maleficent star is using the ongoing custody battle to allegedly ruin her ex-husband’s romance with singer Andra Day.

In a recent report from New Idea, Jolie is said to be finding ways to keep Pitt away from Day and she’s using the custody battle to ruin his love life. Because of this, the Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood actor was forced to end his budding romance with the singer. Despite sharing some fun time together, the tabloid claims he could not afford to risk any publicity.

“It was a bit of casual fun, but he can’t afford to be linked to anyone right now with the divorce going his way,” the insider said.

The tabloid added that Pitt has no choice but to avoid Day since he does not want to have “one of his paramours dragged into his court battle.” What makes the situation more complicated for him is that Jolie’s lawyer is capable of doing anything.

Despite being granted joint custody, Pitt is allegedly disappointed his ex-wife isn’t done with him yet. The source of the tabloid concluded the story by asserting, “She will appeal it with everything she’s got and maintains it’s far from over.” Now, the major question is whether or not this claim is true and if Jolie is, indeed, planning to ruin her former beau’s new romance.

While it is true that Pit was granted joint custody recently, Jolie isn’t disputing the verdict. Instead, the actress wants finer details because she thinks that “some critical evidence” was left out. Reportedly, she is trying to get a new judge to handle the case and the decision was just a “tentative” one and the legal battle between them continues.

Even though the aforementioned tabloid claimed that Jolie was using the custody battle to ruin Pitt’s budding romance with Day, there is no confirmed report that the two were officially in a relationship. Their last public interaction was during the Academy Awards, and they haven’t been seen spending “fun time” together since then.

Hence, there is no sufficient evidence that Jolie is trying to tear Pitt and Day apart because the actor isn't really dating the singer in the first place. This is just another rumor swirling around them after the news about their divorce broke out years ago.