Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds already divorced in 2011, but one tabloid claims that there’s still a rift between the former couple despite being separated for 10 years. The two are said to be competing over box office numbers, the major reason for their alleged feud.

Reynolds and Johansson aren’t on good terms and there’s a “bad blood” between them until now, according to OK!’s latest edition. The two have been doing a lot of projects over the past few years, with some being released in the same year.

For instance, the highly-anticipated Marvel film Black Widow starring Johansson as the titular heroine is coming to theaters on July 9. On the other hand, Reynolds’ sci-fi comedy Free Guy premieres on August 13. Their movies are both set for a summer release, which allegedly further heats things between them.

"They’ve always been fiercely competitive when it comes to their careers,” the source of the tabloid asserted. It’s not only that, but the insider also claimed that the situation has gotten ugly off-camera as the former couple started to dig about their “movie missteps.”

While the tabloid mentioned that Reynolds and Johansson have moved on after their divorce in 2011, the outlet noted that their competitive nature hasn’t sated them. The source insisted that “The competition between them is as cold-blooded as ever.”

Now, the major question is whether or not there is a real, ongoing feud between Reynolds and Johansson behind the scenes. It should be noted that the tabloid’s “insider” didn’t provide information about the alleged rift. There’s also no indication the former couple was in any kind of competition.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time that two have big films coming out about the same time. In 2018, Johansson’s Avengers: Infinity War was released. Then, just a few weeks after hitting theaters, Reynold’s Deadpool 2 came out.

Reynolds and Johansson have been separated for over a decade. The former couple has since moved on with their lives and they're now married to other people. Reynolds is married to actress Blake Lively for nine years, while Johansson tied to knot to comedian Colin Jost in 2020.

It’s also unlikely the two were feuding as they seemed to be on good terms following their divorce. In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2019, Johansson talked about her marriage with Reynolds. She reflected on what she’s gone through during the divorce and how it helped her finding love again.

Also, Reynolds did a surprise cameo on Saturday Night Live before and shared the screen with Johansson’s then-boyfriend Jost on Weekend Update. This indicates that there is no feud between the former couple and they were in an amicable position.

Reynolds and Johansson began dating back in 2007. The two got engaged in 2008 and got married on Vancouver Island the same year. However, the two announced their separation in December 2010 and they divorced in July 2011.