Princess Charlene of Monaco recently gave an update about her health.

While speaking with Monaco Matin, Princess Charlene revealed that her health is still fragile that’s why she needs to take things slow.

“The road has been long, difficult, and so painful. Today I feel calmer,” she said (via Hello! magazine).

Princess Charlene also said that she focused all her energy on her kids, her husband, and her health shortly after she returned to the public eye.

Since her return, Princess Charlene has already made two public appearances. The first one was at the Monaco Fashion Week and the second one was at the Grand Prix.

Last year, the mom of two traveled to South Africa where she sought treatment for her illness and spent some time in recovery. She returned to Monaco last November.

At the time, Prince Albert revealed that his wife was dealing with exhaustion after collapsing two months earlier due to complications following one of her surgeries to cure an ongoing ear, nose, and throat infection.

But despite the statement released by Prince Albert, multiple publications still speculated on Princess Charlene’s real condition. Some of them claimed that she was in hiding because her marriage was falling apart.

At some point, tabloids also claimed that Princess Charlene checked into a psych facility because she could no longer handle her broken marriage.

“He claims his wife was overwhelmed and couldn’t face official duties, life in general, or even family life before and after returning to Monaco and it will be several weeks before she surfaces. But insiders fear Albert is burying the truth to protect his ego and millions,” a source said last year.

And just last week, another tabloid accused Princess Charlene of accepting a $13 million bribe from Prince Albert so that she won’t leave him.

A source also claimed that Princess Charlene lost a considerable amount of weight and it’s mostly because of the stress that she’s dealing with.

“Charlene looked seriously underweight and dead behind the eyes, and she displayed poor posture – all signs things are not going good for her and her toxic marriage is having a dangerous effect on her health. Even Albert looked forced and awkward, as though he were half-fearing, half-expecting her to break down,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that there’s no truth to the tabloids’ claims.