Princess Charlene of Monaco allegedly received a $13 million bribe from her husband, Prince Albert.

In its May 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Princess Charlene has been absent from the limelight for months because she’s dealing with some personal matters. But what royal fans do not know is that she and Prince Albert are on the bring of a divorce.

A source claimed that Prince Albert decided to give his wife $13 million so that she would stay with him and avoid a major scandal. However, the huge amount did not make Princess Charlene happy.

“Charlene looked seriously underweight and dead behind the eyes, and she displayed poor posture – all signs things are not going good for her and her toxic marriage is having a dangerous effect on her health. Even Albert looked forced and awkward, as though he were half-fearing, half-expecting her to break down,” the source said.

The source added that Princess Charlene is trying to exert some effort by making public appearances. But these are not enough to convince royal fans that she’s doing OK.

However, Prince Albert’s close friends are allegedly insisting that he didn’t offer his wife $13 million to stay with him. But no one can deny that there’s trouble in paradise for the couple.

Meanwhile, body language expert Susan Constantine looked at the couple’s photos and described the changes that she saw in Prince Albert and Princess Charlene.

“In the early photos of the couple, there is a sense of warmth in her facial expressions. She’s more at ease, bright-eyed and relaxed, her natural self. At the rugby tournament, she’s doing her best to keep a happy face. It’s forced. She’s doing her due diligence, but it’s not something she’s enjoying,” the body language expert said.

But regardless of her observations, there’s no proof that Prince Albert gave Princess Charlene a $13 million bribe to stay with him. By the looks of it, the tabloid is just saying this to make it seem as though the couple is on the brink of a divorce.

While Princess Charlene was away from the limelight, her husband gave royal fans an update about her health. He said that she was going through something but this doesn’t mean that their marriage is falling apart. If it is, the announcement will come straight from the palace.