Prince Albert allegedly had his wife, Princess Charlene locked up in a psych ward following a meltdown.

In its Dec. 13 issue, Globe claimed that Princess Charlene vanished for a couple of months before returning to the public eye weeks ago. However, she has not been seen again and there are fears that she’s being locked up at a facility.

Weeks ago, Prince Albert released a statement regarding his wife’s mental health and well-being and said that Princess Charlene needs rest and peace. However, the tabloid claimed that there’s more to the story than what Prince Albert is letting the public know.

There are claims that he kept his wife’s passport to prevent Princess Charlene from fleeing Monaco even though she has wanted to leave for months.

The tabloid also claimed that Prince Albert’s recent scandal where he was accused of fathering his third love child has taken a toll on his wife. Even though Prince Albert denied fathering the third child, eagle-eyed royal fans noticed that Princess Charlene cut her hair shortly after the story made headlines.

“He claims his wife was overwhelmed and couldn’t face official duties, life in general, or even family life before and after returning to Monaco and it will be several weeks before she surfaces. But insiders fear Albert is burying the truth to protect his ego and millions,” the source said.

Following the ongoing tension between Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, reports revealed that the royal decided to pull his twins out of school while their mother recovers.

According to Express, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques are currently being homeschooled. This arrangement will continue until after Princess Charlene returns home.

Prince Andrew also stressed that his children are still able to socialize with their classmates because four of their friends are also studying within the palace walls.

The publication revealed that Princess Charlene moved out of the palace between May and November after she developed a severe ENT infection during her trip to South Africa.

Two months ago, Princess Charlene underwent treatment before she returned to the palace briefly. However, she later decided to seek more treatment due to physical and mental exhaustion.

As of late, there’s no indication that Prince Albert sent his wife to a facility against her will. And it’s not also true that Princess Charlene’s passport was taken from her.