Prince Harry is known for having a rebellious streak while he was still very young.

There was a time when the Duke of Sussex faced backlash for wearing a Nazi uniform to a party. He also went to a party where he stripped down just for fun.

But despite his rebellious streak, royal commentator Angela Mollard said that Prince Harry isn’t the most rebellious royal. This title could very well be given to Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

“Anyone who is around my vintage will know her well because she used to be in the magazines all the time,” Mollard said.

Decades ago, Princess Stephanie was in her mother Princess Grace Kelly’s car when the latter suffered a stroke. This resulted in Princess Grace crashing the car and dying.

Back then, Princess Stephanie was just a teenager. And the sudden demise of her mom might have contributed to her becoming a rebel.

“She went on to run off and join the circus, she had children out of wedlock and had a dragon tattoo on her back. I wonder if when your parent has died whether that is actually how you see it, you will be a risk-taker, you know life isn’t certain and you sort of know about mortality when other people don’t,” Mollard said on the Royals podcast.

Just like Princess Stephanie, Prince Harry also lost his mother when he was barely a teenager.

“Like Harry, she didn’t have that stabilizing force and that influence, so she went off the rails. I hope she is happy now,” she said.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry also made headlines this week as he celebrates his 36th birthday. He and his wife, Meghan Markle announced that they have donated $130,000 to an African girls education charity for the Duke of Sussex’s birthday.

On CAMFED’s Twitter account, Prince Harry and Markle shared a special message.

“No better way to celebrate what really matters. Thank you to everyone who donated, Harry and Meghan,” they said.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Prince Harry and Markle have close ties to the organization. Last year, the Suits alum appeared on a panel alongside Angie Murimirwa, the charity’s executive director in Africa.

During the Sussexes’ trip to Africa, Prince Harry appeared at a CAMFED event in Malawi. Markle was also present via a video chat back then.