Princess Charlene of Monaco was embroiled in a slew of controversies in recent months. And it reached a point where sources claimed that she was struggling with her mental health that’s why she decided to stay out of the limelight.

But just recently, Princess Charlene of Monaco made her official return, but sources are claiming that this would just be temporary.

In its March 28 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Princess Charlene wants to relocate to Switzerland with her entire family. But she needs to convince her husband, Prince Albert, first.

“After spending the past year receiving treatment for ongoing health issues, first in South Africa and later in an exclusive Swiss clinic, Charlene has had time to think about her life and future. And above all, the future of her children. She’s realized that not only is life in Monaco toxic for herself, but she worries about how it might affect her 7-year-old twins who are growing up with all kinds of pressures, tugged in all directions, far from the real world,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Princess Charlene also wants to distance her children from her sister-in-law, Princess Caroline. After all, the latter stepped into the kids’ life shortly after she went into treatment.

“Charlene is frantic to see that Caroline is taking over influence on her twins. Recently, Caroline took it upon herself to call the headmistress of their old school to discuss solicitation. The twins are currently educated at home at Charlene’s request,” the source said.

However, Princess Charlene’s return doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s ready to make big moves when it comes to her and her entire family’s lives.

If Princess Charlene has plans to relocate to Switzerland, more reputable sources would’ve already reported on it. But the fact that only one tabloid reported on it proves that the allegations were just made up.

It’s not also true that Princess Charlene is upset with her sister-in-law for taking care of her children. By the looks of it, she would’ve been more grateful to Princess Caroline if she was there for Princess Charlene’s twins while she wasn’t around.

It seems that the tabloid is just exploiting Princess Charlene’s recent health issues and ongoing marital problems for clickbait purposes.