Brad Pitt’s daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt allegedly decided to move in with him after living with Angelina Jolie for years.

In its March 28 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the setup between Vivienne and Pitt isn’t permanent. After all, the young girl would only be staying with her dad during her spring break.

However, if Vivienne enjoys staying with Pitt so much then the actor hopes that she would consider living with him for good.

“Vivienne was super young when her parents split, and now she’s 13. She’s told her parents she wants to spend more time with Brad and get to know him better. She’s keen to move in with him for a while, starting with spring break, to see how it goes. Brad is thrilled that she’s coming back to him,” the source said.

The insider added that Vivienne couldn’t be more excited to spend a couple of days with her dad.

“Vivi’s as excited as a kid going away to summer camp, especially because her dad has said she can redecorate her room as she sees fit. Of all their kids, Vivi’s not one you have to worry about. She’s a typical youngest child – opinionated, feisty, and a little bit cheeky. And she has her father wrapped around her little finger. Ange isn’t thrilled about it, but there’s not a lot she can do,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt because they are so misleading.

The headline of the article states that Vivienne moved in with Pitt. But the article claimed that the setup would just be temporary for now. The inconsistencies show that the tabloid is just making up this story for clickbait purposes.

But this isn’t all. This isn’t the first time that Vivienne was rumored to be moving in or choosing her dad over her mom.

Earlier this month, Woman’s Day also claimed that Vivienne has decided that she wants to live with her dad instead of her mom.

“Vivienne was very young when her parents began having problems, and they shielded most of it from her. She didn’t notice as much as the older kids did. Which is why she’s struggling to see why her older siblings don’t want to hang out with Brad, when she loves spending time with him,” the source said.

However, the rumors aren’t true. As of late, Vivienne still lives with Jolie and it’s unclear if she still sees her dad regularly.