Rumor has it that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will present an award for the Best Picture in the upcoming Oscars. But, royal watchers are not thrilled upon learning about the speculations, with some threatening to boycott the event.

Express UK reported that many of these individuals took the time to share their thoughts on social media. One netizen even asserted that they would be “done with the Oscars” if the rumors are true.

Another critic said that it would be “disappointing” if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are presenters at the Academy Awards. As explained, if it happens, the pair would likely "see it as a sign that they have been truly embraced by A-listers."

The publication continued and shared the opinions of other netizens who appear to be not fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. One of them noted that the credibility of the Oscars [goes] “down the toilet.”

A different critic, then, asserted that “any product advertised and/or company sponsorship of the Oscars to be boycotted.” Meanwhile, another netizen seemed to be in shock after saying it is unbelievable that the academy would go forward with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as presenters.

One user, also, mentioned the names of previous presenters at the Oscars, including Michelle Obama, Sean Connery, and Al Pacino. The individual, later on, pointed out that the Sussex royals are not “in the same league” as the previously named personalities.

The speculations first emerged after a source told The Sun that the Oscars first approached Prince Harry and Meghan Markle two years ago. But, they “politely declined,” although no further details were disclosed.

The same informant continued that they would, however, “be a huge coup this year,” adding that they “could use their appearance to make an impassioned speech of their choosing, most likely Ukraine.” The producers have reportedly lined up several A-list names to participate, but the former working royals would be “the icing on the cake.”

In the end, though, the insider alleged that Prince Harry would not likely attend, and “it is still up in the air.” It would reportedly be considered as a “final kick in the teeth for the [British] Royal Family.”

This comes after he and Meghan Markle decided not to fly back to the United Kingdom for the upcoming special memorial service for the late Duke of Edinburgh.

A spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex confirmed the matter earlier this month, saying he would not travel to London for the March 29 service, according to People. He, however, was said to have hopes of visiting Queen Elizabeth II “as soon as possible.”