Victoria Beckham is reportedly living in fear that her children, most especially her daughter, Harper could be the target of a stalker.

In its May 28 issue, Heat UK claimed that Victoria and her husband, David are on high alert after a woman reportedly went to Harper’s school and pretended to be the mom of one of the students.

The same woman also sent letters to the couple’s home and alleged that she was her biological mother of Harper after having an affair with David.

“The break-in back in February left her shaken and now, combined with the upcoming court case on the stalker, she’s living in fear that Harper and the rest of the kids are becoming very real targets. She freaked out when David recently posted a video with Harper on her way to school to his social media, as she fears it broadcasts to the world where she is and makes it easy for criminals to target them,” the source said.

The source claimed that David couldn’t help but think that his wife is overreacting after she reprimanded him for sharing the video. But he still reassured the Spice Girls member that he wouldn’t put Harper in harm’s way no matter what.

“Victoria is really panicking. She has always been incredibly protective of the kids, especially when they were younger and she has feared they could be targets for a kidnapping plot. In the US and in the Cotswolds, they’re behind gates but in London, they live freer – and it worked because the boys were older and knew the dangers to look out for,” the source said.

In order to keep an eye on her children, Victoria allegedly installed a tracker on their phones. She also instructed her kids to update her regularly. Luckily for her, all four of her children are responsible and always do their part to give her peace of mind.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

It’s not true that Victoria became upset when she saw David share a video of Harper walking to school.

And it’s not also true that the fashion designer installed trackers on her children’s phones.

Even though their safety is a must, the Beckhams most likely know that privacy is as equally important.