Victoria Beckham is reportedly such a mama bear, and she can’t help but worry about all her children.

In its May 9 issue, Heat UK claimed that Beckham couldn’t help but reprimand her son, Cruz after the latter was photographed at a pub. The viral photo also featured a girl sitting on the teenager’s lap.

A source claimed that Beckham’s worries aren’t necessarily unfounded. After all, among all her children, Cruz is the most rebellious one.

“Cruz has always had a bit of a rebellious streak. With two older brothers, he grew up fast but couldn’t be more different from them. He’s seen them both struggle: Brooklyn trying to be a celebrity chef or a photographer and getting criticized for having no talent, and Romeo for never quite being able to realize his dream of being a football star like his dad,” the source said.

The insider added that Cruz doesn’t want to end up like his older brothers because he has big ambitions. And even though both of his parents are famous, he doesn’t allegedly want to become successful because of his surname.

“Vic has so much admiration for Cruz. She sees the steely determination and dedication to making this dream work and she’s so proud of him, but she’s also a little worried. Cruz is so insistent on doing it all his own way. He has his own management team and won’t let his mom and dad get involved,” the source said.

What’s worse, the source claimed that Cruz even sees his surname as a hindrance to making his dreams come true. And since he wants to work hard for whatever he wants to achieve, he allegedly wants to distance himself from his parents and siblings.

However, it’s unlikely for the former Spice Girls member to allow this from happening because she’s such a doting mom to her children.

But the source insisted that the teenager doesn’t have plans to listen to his mom. And this has allegedly caused some friction in their household.

As of late, it’s best to take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, there’s no indication that Cruz wants to distance himself from his family. And it’s not also true that Beckham won’t allow her son to succeed on his own terms.