Joe Biden’s delicate age is allegedly catching up to him.

In its Nov. 29 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Biden has been showing obvious signs that he’s wasting away. Other than his delicate age of 78 years old, the POTUS also lost 15 pounds since he became president of the United States.

A source also claimed that Biden has become more forgetful in recent months. And he also tends to fall asleep when he’s out in public and even when the cameras are around.

In fact, there are also allegations suggesting that Biden cannot also control his urges to expel gas and even Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles complained about it.

The tabloid spoke to a longevity expert named Dr. Gabe Mirkin who said that Biden is showing all signs that he’s wasting away.

“Sleeping in a public setting and the forgetfulness he exhibits over and over are all worrying signs that the office is overwhelming him. Biden has a troubling medical history that includes two life-threatening brain aneurysms in 1988, heart problems, skin cancer, and a blood clot on his lung. All of these factors would likely contribute to the compromised state he appears to be in today,” the source said.

A psychologist named Dr. Holly Schiff went as far as saying that Biden’s symptoms all lead to a possible cognitive decline. And it’s also possible that he’s suffering from early signs of dementia.

However, it is important to note that this is not the first time that Biden is rumored to be suffering from health issues. But no one was able to prove their claims.

The tabloid also published a similar story when Donald Trump was president and when the ex-POTUS forgot some of his words or stuttered during his public appearances.

Trump’s old age also led his critics to think that he’s suffering from dementia. And the tabloid is now saying that same thing about Biden.

However, it is important to note that if Biden is dealing with health problems, it is his White House that will share the news with the world. For now, his supporters and critics can speculate all they want but until his staff confirms his real condition then that’s the only time the public should worry.

Biden seems to be in good health although it’s true that he seems to have lost a considerable amount of weight in recent months.