Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is allegedly at risk of taking his own life.

In its Nov. 22 issue, Globe claimed that Cuomo recently suffered a massive breakdown after his 11-hour testimony was released to the public.

Weeks ago, Cuomo was accused of sexually harassing at least 11 female staffers. He has denied the allegations, but the court doesn’t seem to be siding in his favor.

A source claimed that it’s only a matter of time before Cuomo gets a conviction. And whatever it is might be too much for him to bear.

“The idea that he is the subject of this kind of prosecution after years of hunting down criminals himself is completely unfathomable to him. When people who operated with no rules for so long see this immense turnaround in their lives, it brings feelings of depression and suicide,” the source said.

The insider said that Cuomo’s relatives should be concerned about his welfare and what he could do to himself.

Following the release of his 500-page testimony, Cuomo’s lawyer denied the allegations by accusing New York attorney general Letitia James of having a political vendetta against Cuomo.

But a source claimed that the former governor could just be making this up.

“It gives him something to hang onto. Does anyone really believe these women are part of some kind of conspiracy? He’s simply lashing out and attacking his accusers the way he always has,” the source said.

As of late, Cuomo has not received any conviction because he’s still under investigation. But following the sexual harassment allegations, he decided to resign from his position.

The former governor believes that James is simply out to get him because just months after his resignation, she announced her candidacy for governor of New York.

Meanwhile, Cuomo’s accusers claimed that he touched them inappropriately and compared them to one of his girlfriends. However, the investigators learned that Cuomo and the woman that he referred to as his girlfriend never dated.

Cuomo claimed that he used the word as a reference to a girl who is also a friend. But this just seemingly gave him more problems.

In his testimony, he also dragged Joe Biden’s name. After all, the latter was also accused of sexual misconduct while he was campaigning in the 2020 election.

However, those that worked with Biden released statements saying that one woman’s allegation is not true. On the contrary, no one came to Cuomo’s defense.