Prince William is allegedly convinced that Prince Harry is trying to kill their beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

In its June 21 issue, Globe claimed that Prince William hates how Prince Harry trash talks the royal family, most especially Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

And since Her Majesty is already in her mid-90s, she doesn’t have very long to live. And Prince Harry constantly attacking her on television is stressing her out to the core.

“William’s had it with Harry’s TV trash talk, which is now almost a weekly event. Her Majesty was heartbroken when Harry criticized her parenting skills, especially since she’s doted on Prince Charles’ sons since the tragic death of their mother, Princess Diana. Now things have gone from bad to worse,” the source said.

During his recent interview, Prince Harry revealed that he has not received support from the royal family when he talked to them about his mental health.

His wife, Meghan Markle also had a similar experience. And when she asked the royal family to provide her with professional help because she was thinking about committing suicide, she didn’t receive a favorable response from them.

By the looks of it, Prince Harry and Markle will continue to talk and attack the royal family. And since Prince William hasn’t spoken to his brother in months, he has allegedly instructed his closest friends to reach out to Prince Harry and ask him to shut up.

The Duke of Cambridge also wants the public to know that Prince Harry’s accounts aren’t accurate. After all, he grew up with more restrictions since he’s second in line to the throne, but he never once felt restricted by the royals.

“He’s furious with Harry and wants him to keep his mouth shut. He wants Meghan to button her lips too but understands she plays by different rules. At the heart of things, William’s alarmed Harry’s ugly attacks will put their grandma in her coffin,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Prince Harry has not publicly attacked the queen, so it’s not true that she wants to kill the monarch.

But it is true that the Duke of Sussex has publicly targeted his dad, Prince Charles.

Prior to his recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, there were already reports that Prince Charles and Prince Harry had a falling out. And the father and son have not been talking to each other.

Following their interview, their relationship is believed to have gotten worse.