Queen Elizabeth’s recent health scare is causing stress at the palace most especially for the monarch’s eldest son, Prince Charles.

In its Nov. 22 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Prince Charles is dreading the day of his mother’s death because it would be heartbreaking for him.

Prince Charles has also been given the impossible task of addressing the entire world and announcing the passing of the monarch when the time comes.

“According to Operation London Bride, Charles, 72, will address the nation in a broadcast the evening of his mother’s death, and the officially be proclaimed king the next day at 10 a.m. All of which could happen in the near future,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the queen is not in tip-top shape, contrary to what she’s been telling her aides, relatives, and royal fans. After all, she’s already 95 years old and it’s unlikely for her to live for 10 more years.

“The queen is telling people that she’s on the mend. She’s trying to keep active and busy as usual. The problem is, she continues to have underlying health conditions, which are of great concern to her family,” the source said.

The insider added that the queen needs to take it easy just like what her doctors told her.

Even before the monarch suffered a health scare last month, there were already reports regarding the so-called Operation London Bridge. This is reportedly the code name that will be used to refer to the queen’s death in private.

According to The Guardian, all British broadcasts will stop following the queen’s death. All journalists and reporters will don all-black ensembles, and the BBC will be the one to make the official announcement on television.

Even before the queen’s death, everyone already knows what needs to be done. This way, there won’t be any panic and commotion following her demise.

However, it seems rude for people to keep insisting that the queen is dying even when she’s not. After all, she may have suffered a health scare recently, but she is already fully recovered.

In fact, royal fans already saw the queen virtually when she gave her opening speech ahead of the climate change summit in Glasgow.

The queen also traveled to Sandringham via a helicopter, which is something that she couldn’t possibly do if she was still not doing well.