Margot Robbie may have just committed the biggest mistake of her life.

In its June 14 issue, Woman’s Day revealed that Robbie and her husband, Tom Ackerley previously purchased a $6.5 million property in LA’s Venice Beach.

Years ago, the area was regarded as a hotspot for the rich and famous. But all this changed amid the coronavirus pandemic because it became the place for crimes, drugs, and homelessness.

“It’s a completely different neighborhood from when Margot and Tom bought it. The crime rate’s gone up 177 percent since lockdown. Even if they abandoned this house, they’ve already lost money on it as property values have stagnated, so selling and buying somewhere else could hinder their long-term financial plans,” the source said.

An unnamed resident also said that Robbie and Ackerley are not safe in the problematic neighborhood because a lot of burglars know where they live. And since they are aware that the couple has money, it is highly for burglars to steal from the couple.

Meanwhile, the source alleged that Robbie’s recent massive purchase is causing a strain on her marriage. After all, Ackerley tried to convince the actress to invest in a property in Australia instead.

Ackerley’s friends have all purchased a house in Australia so he also wants to reside there. Unfortunately, Robbie didn’t listen and she still pushed through with her $6.5 million purchase.

“There’s a real frustration for him as he knows he’s not the one calling the shots. Everything has to revolve around Margot’s work, and she does need to be in LA. She’s got back-to-back projects lined up until the end of the year,” the source said.

As of late, Robbie has not publicly complained about the property she purchased or where it is located. It is possible that the tabloid is just linking the actress’s big purchase to the ongoing crime rates in the neighborhood.

It is also not true that Robbie and Ackerley’s marriage is strained due to the recent purchase of their home. It’s unlikely for Ackerley to not have known about Robbie’s plans before they invested their millions on the property.

The only accurate information that the tabloid mentioned has to do with Robbie’s busy schedule. She will be starring in The Suicide Squad sequel, as well as in Babylon.

She will also be working with director David O. Russell in an untitled movie project that is slated for release this year.